What it takes to design small-sized studio apartments?

Studio apartments are small-sized apartments that are normally comprised of a single room which serves all the purposes of dining, sleeping, kitchen and living room alone. These apartments are rented at far less price compared to bigger apartments and hence they are more desirable for those who have small budgets. Due to the size, studio apartments can be maintained quite easily, but it is also hard to decorate studio apartments and storage is also a concern as well. However, it is quite possible to design small units for taking advantage of their limited space and making it welcoming and cozy at the same time.

When designing your studio apartments in San Antonio, you should first define your space. You should first decide that whether there is space available for dedicated living as well as sleeping space or not. Make use of privacy screens or hang curtains for separating your living area from the sleeping area. A media center can also be placed between these two areas in order to separate them from one another. Fabric should be attached at back for making headboard of the bed.

In small studios, it is always advisable that you should invest in the furniture items which can serve multiple purposes. A futon, daybed, or a convertible sofa can all serve the purpose of a couch during the day time while you can use them as your bed during nights. You can also use 3-shelf bookcase as bedside tables and end tables. Drop-leaf tables can be chosen as they have leaves which you can open up when you have to entertain your guests and rest of the time they can be folded down as well as pushed against a wall in order to serve the purpose of office table and opening up the floor space. Vintage trunk can be used for serving the purpose of storage as well as coffee table. You can also use storage cubes for creating extra seating options in your apartments san Antonio.

The next thing you need to do is to create some storage. You can utilize vertical space for this purpose. Make loft bed in case you have a ceiling at good height, create storage space or workspace underneath. Now install the floor-to-ceiling shelving. The storage space should then be supplemented with the help of dressers, trunks and armoires. You clothes, shoes, magazines, laundry and purses should be corralled in the baskets. Any space available underneath your chairs, bed and couch should be fully utilized for storage purposes. When it comes to kitchen, hang pot rack. You should select a rack that can be suspended from ceiling or can go on the wall. Also hang a bag for storing shoes on back of bathroom door.

With all these ideas, you can effectively design your small-sized studio apartments in san Antonio.