Diabetes marchers stop in San Marcos

Jordan Provencher takes a break from his march for diabetes at the capital of Texas.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Provencher.

To young men are on a mission to walk 25 to 30 miles a day until they walk from Virginia to California.

Jordan Provencher and Duffy Behm are marching across the country in efforts to bring awareness and education about diabetes. The duo is currently marching through Central Texas and stayed at the Crystal River Inn in San Marcos on Feb. 5 while on their way to San Antonio.

Provencher began his solo journey in fall 2017 after his initial co-marcher dropped out of the trip. Dedicated to his cause, Provencher walked from Virginia to Louisiana where he then met up with Behm to continue the journey together. The duo has been marching together since January and is on their last leg of the march to San Diego, CA.

Provencher is marching to bring awareness to diabetes for his mother who passed away on April 19, 2012 after having heart complications caused by her diabetes. Behm joined him to march for his multiple relatives and friends who live with the disease.

According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 30.3 million Americans have diabetes with roughly a third of those with diabetes being undiagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States as of 2015.

Provencher and Behm want to inspire everyone they meet, especially young people, to educate themselves on diabetes and get themselves checked if diabetes runs in their family or if they feel symptomatic.

Along their journey the duo crossed paths with Noah, the eleven year old boy who marched 4,240 miles across America to raise funds and awareness for type one diabetes, who is currently on his journey home. Before crossing paths, Provencher and Behm had not heard of Noah’s story. However, after learning more about the young boy and his accomplishments the duo said Noah now serves as a major sources of inspiration for their cause.

“My mom has a saying, ‘you’re always right where you’re supposed to be’ and on this trip that’s the one thing that has rang true,” Provencher said.

Noah’s March Foundation began sponsoring Provencher and Behm’s march across the country earlier this week.

Throughout their march, Provencher and Behm have relied on the help of total strangers for shelter and support. They have been offered an array of places to stay from camping out in front lawns to staying in 10-bedroom farmhouses.

“That’s another thing we are hoping to do, to let people know that most people are good,” Provencher said. “There’s a huge cloud over America these days where everyone is scared of strangers and think everyone is up to something, but in fact most people are good and most people would take their shirt and give it to you.”

Provencher and Behm are raising money for the JDRF, a leading research institution seeking to cure diabetes, and for the duration of their personal march. To follow along with their journey on Instagram, check out @jordydiabetesmarch and @dogman_diabetesmarch.

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